What is the Importance of Commercial Advertising?

by Christopher John; Updated September 26, 2017

Advertising, getting the word out, is of paramount importance to every business. TV commercials offer marketers a bigger bang, although sometimes in exchange for a bigger buck. Still, commercials do offer unique, effective advantages that continue to make using the medium an attractive option as part of an overall marketing plan.

Television's Reach

The proliferation of televisions in households allows TV advertising to reach a much broader market base than either newspapers or radio advertising. More than 99 percent of American homes have TV sets, allowing prospective customers the comfort of having to do nothing more than already be tuned into their sets when your commercial airs.

Visual Dynamics

Television is a powerful visual medium, so a commercial packs all the impact that sight, sound, and motion allow your message to convey. Commercials give a lasting visual to your headline and message. Because TV is so visual, viewers more easily recall how your ad affected them and are more likely to feel informed, persuaded, and motivated to buy your product or service. Attentive viewers are already absorbed in TV shows when your commercial airs with the chance to instantly engage those same viewers.

Cable's Rise Opens More Doors

Cable television allows advertisers to reach a tighter-targeted, smaller audience and also offers lowered commercial production costs than before, when advertising on network television was the only option. This situation offers small to medium-sized businesses a door to enter the world of television advertising. The rise also of regional television boosts the benefits smaller businesses can reap from TV commercials reaching their targeted audience.

Instant Credibility

Viewers and potential customers see commercials as representing a business, product, or service that is in the big leagues and therefore, instantly credible. Because of the traditionally high price tag of television advertising, viewers immediately think big-time advertising when they see a commercial. "As Seen On TV" is a slogan that carries both instant recognition as well as a certain authenticity, making your message seem more believable and your product or service, in turn, more attractive for them to purchase.

One-Punch Power

One well-scripted, well-executed TV commercial is very often extremely memorable and clearly representative of a product or company. The impact of that one commercial will linger with both customers and prospective customers, well after the commercial itself has aired. A catchy jingle will be remembered and sung long afterward. By contrast, direct-mail efforts often depend on two or three mailings within the same campaign to be effective.

Instant Personality

The combined effects of music, much like in a music video, along with action and dialogue, give instant personality to your business, product, or service. When prospective customers consider your product or service, they relate to the personality that the commercial conveyed to them. Small businesses that are looking for a way into the market alongside more established businesses can be creative and inventive, attaching attractive personalities to their product or service. Also, established businesses can reinvent themselves with a fresh personality, through a well-crafted commercial that alters consumer perception.

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