Advertising is all about getting the good word out to your existing and potential customers. It is important to every business, no matter how small. Naturally, some ways of advertising are more effective and reach more people, such as television. The trend, however, is that the more effective methods tend to be more expensive. All the same, television commercial ads have lots of advantages that make them a popular medium for advertising and of commercial importance to the marketing plans of lots of businesses.


Commercial advertising is important to businesses of all sizes, as it is a great way to get the good word out about your business to existing and potential customers alike.

Wide Reach with Commercial Advertisement

Televisions are almost as ubiquitous as furniture in the modern world. The beauty is that, with modern technology, you don’t even need to have a television to watch television. You can stream live from your mobile phone, further compounding the ubiquity of television.

As a result of that prevalence, television reaches a much wider audience than, say, newspapers or the radio. Over 99 percent of households in America alone own a television, meaning your prospective customers only need to be tuned in to see your TV ads.

Visual Medium Dynamics

Television is both an audio and a visual medium. Its true strength, however, lies in its visual aspect. A commercial combines the sights, motions and even sounds that your message seeks to convey to the viewer. With so many visuals, viewers are more likely to remember the effect a television ad had on them than one that was on the radio or in the newspaper. They are also more likely to feel informed, motivated and convinced to purchase whatever product or service you are offering. When your commercial airs, it is likely to find some attentive viewers who will be more receptive to the message.

Cable Television Opportunities

With cable television, you have even more opportunities. You will be able to target your viewers even more tightly, and your audience will be smaller. As a result, your production costs will be lower than they would have been if you had been advertising on a network. This makes it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to leverage the power of the commercial to grow their business.

Commercial Advertising and Credibility

When potential customers see your commercials, they assume your business is well-established and a nationally reputable company. After all, why else would you want to advertise? This is because television advertising is traditionally expensive. Viewers have the impression that a business that can afford a television commercial must have a substantial advertising budget, and must, therefore, be highly credible.

Commercial Advertising Helps With Branding

A good advertisement is memorable, and people tend to buy what they can remember. Additionally, when people like the mix of the visuals, music, action, dialog and sounds in your commercial, they will associate it with a certain personality that your commercial conveys. This is where the power of branding lies. You have the power to convey whatever personality you want to your viewers, and present your brand as you would like it to appear in the eyes of your viewers. You can do this when you’re building your brand up from the ground, or when you’re trying to reinvent your brand and breathe fresh life into it.