Benefits of Team Communication

Communication can be seen in every aspect of life. Whether it is your children telling you that they love you, the billboard you see on your way to work or the credit card bill you receive in the mail, communication surrounds everyday life. Communication is especially important when it comes to team building, team dynamics and team morale. Effective team communication has the power to strengthen and empower a team with knowledge, information and encouragement, producing team members who feel appreciated and respected.


Not only do team members benefit from communication, but the leader and everyone associated with the team will as well. Team communication is able to clear up misunderstandings and confusion that potentially can divide a team. With effective communication as a cornerstone, there will be unity, understanding and the freedom to express thoughts, feelings and ideas.


Consider the role of delegation in team communication. Many teams fail because one person carries all the weight of the team while it is more effectively carried by a few. Delegation gives power to team members so they have some responsibility and ownership over the team's direction. For example, instead of having one leader over 100 people, split the team into four sub-teams of 25 and delegate power to a leader over each sub-team.


Team communication provides clear direction to avoid pulling a team in various directions, causing discourse and confusion. If there is a common vision, each team member strives for a common goal. When the goal is achieved, the entire team celebrates, and when obstacles are thrown in the way, the entire team will unify to overcome them.


A major misconception of team communication is that the benefits only come through verbal communication. However, mostt are the nonverbal messages sent by the leader's actions and reactions. For example, a leader can tell the team they’re doing a great job, but when the leader hands the individuals a monetary bonus for their performance, more encouragement and satisfaction is communicated.


The benefit of a team that practices effective communication is genuine motivation, team unity and common vision. When these outcomes are experienced on a daily basis, the end result is high productivity, happy team members and the willingness to go the extra mile.


About the Author

Joey Papa lives in the Tampa Bay area, and has four years of experience as a professional copywriter. His years of experience and a bachelor's degree in communications from Oral Roberts University, provide him with creativity, technique and a comprehensive viewpoint to complete a wide array of writing styles.