Homeschooling has been growing exponentially every year for the past decade. This is why it is smart to start a home business that caters to homeschoolers. While many homeschoolers have home-based business serving homeschoolers, you don't have to be a homeschooler to create a homeschool home business. Public school educators, writers, child care providers are a few of the entrepreneurs qualified to run homeschool-based businesses. To service homeschoolers you do need to have a good understanding of the products and services they need.

Lesson Plan Provider

Homeschoolers are always in search of lesson plans to use in homeschooling their children. Anyone who can find creative ways to teach lessons and then write out those lessons to make it easy for someone else to follow, can start a home-base business selling lesson plans. They will be most profitable if they make kits that contain lesson plans and other materials necessary to complete the lesson. For example, a lesson plan that teaches science could include experiment instructions and the chemicals or items needed to complete the experiment.

Homeschool Tutor

Homeschoolers utilize tutors to teach children in areas where the parent may feel uncomfortable. They will gladly hire a tutor who can demonstrate expertise in a subject as well as enthusiasm for that subject. To market yourself, hand out fliers or business cards to any homeschoolers you know and ask them to spread the word.

Educational Game Website Provider

You can create education games for homeschoolers to play online if you are capable of programming Internet games. You also can hire a programmer if you have the means and can communicate to a programmer exactly what you want. Homeschooled kids love playing online games and if they have educational value, they will gladly pay for a subscription website to enjoy them.

Homeschool Childcare

There are many parents who work full time who homeschool or would like to homeschool. A childcare provider that specializes in older kids aged 6 to 14 would be a God-send to homeschooling parents who want to homeschool but can't quit their jobs. Parents could drop off their homeschoolers with books or laptops and a list of work to be completed in their absence. The childcare provider could help them if they have any problems with the work, and keep them happily occupied when they are finished working. The parents would check the schoolwork in the evening and go over things the kids don't understand.

Homeschool Consultant

Homeschool consultants are especially useful to new homeschoolers. They help homeschoolers choose the right curriculum for their child. They help homeschoolers set a schedule and work through problems that crop up when beginning to homeschool. Homeschool consultants are also very useful as the homeschooler comes close to graduation. The consultant an review what the homeschooler has accomplished and guide them in choosing the right programs and materials to help them complete graduation requirements and to get into colleges.

Homeschool Workshops

Homeschoolers love taking their kids to workshops that teach different concepts in depth. These workshops can be on almost any subject. You can have fitness workshops, science workshops, history re-enactment workshops, writing workshops and any other discipline you can think of. Workshops can be full-day events or a series of half days and focus on one small part of a subject such as letter writing, multiplication...or amphibians. To create a home business doing workshops, pick the subject you are best at and offer your services to homeschoolers. You can do the workshops in your home or office or travel to them.

Fine Art Instruction

Anyone with talents in the fine arts can start a home business that caters to homeschoolers. Dancers, artists, music teachers, actors and actresses can teach homeschooled children lessons in their area of expertise. To have a home business based on your artistic discipline, clear out a seldom used room in your home and create an area to teach. You can have piano or art lessons. You can teach dance and movement, you can start a drama club, practicing at home and renting a theater to do the play.