Uses of Telephones in Business

If you run a business or work as an employee, chances are good that the telephone has a large impact on the way you conduct your business. Telephones can serve a business by making communication quick and convenient. By using the telephone to its full potential, companies can avoid wasting time, save money and increase revenue.


One way that companies use the telephone is to promote sales. Outgoing telemarketing phone calls seek new business. Incoming sales agents answer calls that come in as a response to marketing campaigns and commercial advertisements. The telephone is a powerful vehicle for increasing revenue through gaining customers.

Customer Service

Maintaining and improving existing relationships with customers is vital to the success of any business. Businesses use the telephone to provide technical support and answer billing questions related to the services they provide. The telephone also provides a valuable resource to businesses looking to obtain feedback on their products and services. The telephone can be used to conduct customer satisfaction surveys and to gather valuable insight into changes that need to be made to increase the success of the business.


Businesses sometimes conduct training over the telephone. When a hands-on instruction is not required, this approach can save money on travel costs and other expenses. Conducting a training session over the telephone may also help to keep the meeting on task, saving the company time and money that would otherwise be wasted.

Employee Communication

In some cases, employees need a quick response to solve a problem on behalf of the business they represent. Telephone communication provides fast access to a supervisor or co-worker with more knowledge of the specific situation. A quick response that leads to a quick resolution could save a customer from discontinuing his relationship with the company. Quickly resolving customer issues, with the help of the telephone, enhances the credibility and reputation of a business.

Conference Calls

When two or more departments need to coordinate an effort, the telephone may provide the perfect solution. Instead of conducting a meeting that takes time away from the work of multiple departments in your business, you can quickly and effectively communicate with each other via a conference call. Each department can communicate needs, receive feedback, and contribute to solving the problems faced by other departments without losing a lot of time or slowing down productivity.


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