Office Decorating Ideas: Football Theme

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Certain decorating themes, such as football decorations during the Super Bowl and other sporting events, are universal. However, they can still be difficult to apply to public settings, especially ones where people with a variety of interests meet, such as an office. Nevertheless, decorating your office with a football theme can help raise morale and promote common interests among your team.


Though your local team may be playing in a championship, don't assume that everybody in your office supports them - you may be surprised to find out that a silent minority is in favor of the other team. With this in mind, decorate the office with both teams' colors in mind. You may choose to divide each room into two opposing sides, one for each team, with pennants, banners, streamers and balloons in the teams' colors or purchased from the official team stores. Posters of players can add a human touch and provide inspiration to the workers in your office.


For special sporting events, consider decorating with the actual event, rather than the teams playing in it, in mind. For example, for the Super Bowl, you could choose to decorate with a series of photographs of the winning touchdowns from famous Super Bowls, or to purchase jerseys with the numbers of famous quarterbacks or other players and post them around the office (jerseys made of construction paper are a cheaper alternative to this).

General Football

If you'd prefer to decorate your office with a general football theme, as opposed to one focusing on specific teams, players or events, you still have a variety of options. You can find small goalposts to place above trash cans or other "joke" items, as well as footballs (autographed, real or photographed) to decorate your walls. Even using astroturf in places like the break room can provide a touch of humor in your everyday environment.


Complete the office football decoration by providing treats. Most people appreciate basic tailgating fare, from chips to hot dogs and beer (if you are celebrating after work). Cakes shaped like footballs can help complete the football atmosphere of your office.