The "1-888" telephone number extension is typically used by businesses rather than regular people. If you happen to have an 888 number from the caller ID service on your home or cell phone, from your "Missed Call" history on your cell phone or from some other source, you can use it to find the business in question in one of a few different ways.

Use 800 Notes free phone number look-up service. Upon loading the 800 Notes website into your browser, type the 888 number you have on record into the "Search" box. Clicking "Search" will search the database of 888 numbers and return any available business results for that company. You can also search other number extensions as well, like 800 numbers.

Use the White Pages. Go to the website and click "By Phone Number" on the screen. Type the 888 number you have on record into the "Search" box and select the "Find" button. will return any available results for that particular number and the business or company associated with it.

Use Type the full 888 number you have on record into the box labeled "Search For." If you have an idea of the state the number may have called from, select it from the "State" box. Click "Start Search" to search the database for any associated businesses or companies that the 888 number may belong to.