During the course of doing business, you may purchase a product that does not perform as promised and may want to take your complaint to the top of the company by communicating with the chief executive officer. Or you may wish to inform a CEO of a defect in a product, have a management complaint or praise you would like the CEO to personally know about. Finding information about the company and its CEO is relatively easy through electronic searches.

Conduct a name search through an Internet search engine. Use Google, Bing or Yahoo to search for the CEO's name by entering the company's name and "CEO".

Use a business directory. Go to an online business directory such as Jigsaw or Linked In and search by the business' name. Most business directories provide the names, telephone numbers and email address of all upper level management, including the CEO.

Visit the Secretary of State's website for the state where the business has its primary location. (In some states, the entity that oversees business registrations has a different name, such as the State Corporation Commission.) Search by the company's name to find the officers' names.

Search news databases. Use a news database such as LexisNexis to find news articles that name a company's CEO.