Sales are key to having a successful retail business, and there are steps that can be taken to boost sales. Take the time to create contests that your staff can participate in to boost morale and create a sense of teamwork. Focus on getting organized and getting creative. Combining fun with incentives makes your retail staff really strive to succeed.

Retail Bingo

Retail bingo can serve a number of purposes. Create a list of items that you may be having trouble moving and post that list in a break room or other area. Create bingo cards with the items from the lists in the boxes. Offer a prize for the sales associate that is the first to get a "bingo" by selling the items listed on the card. Larger prizes can be given for special games, such as "black out" that can only be won if an associate sells every item on the card. This will create a sense of fun for your employees and will help you move items that you are looking to sell.

Pass the Buck

Start this game by offering a cash prize to the fist person at your store that sells an item on a particular day. Base the value of your prize on how hard you want your staff to play and on the type of business that you have. Small shops may play with $20 and large shops could start with a $100 prize. The point of this contest is to have a winner (sales associate) walk away at the end of the day with a cash prize. The first person that makes a sale must pass the prize money to the next person that makes a sale until the end of the day. The person with the last sale will walk away a winner with the cash in hand.

Focus on Teamwork

Getting employees to work together is important when it comes to the success of a business. Split your sales force into teams and have each team work with a particular list of items. Instead of having just one employee try to tackle a whole list, the team can work together and create ways to sell what will eventually earn them a prize. Offer prizes for the team that sells the most items on their list, and offer a special prize to any team that manages to sell every item on their list. This game can be done in a day or spread over a certain period of time.