How to Buy Bulk Makeup Cheap

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Many business are downsizing these days. Whatever the reason for closing the business, you can take advantage of the opportunity to cash in on liquidations. Find businesses that are selling their makeup merchandise for pennies on the dollar. If you purchase in bulk, you will own a variety of products that you either use yourself or resell. Buying online and at stores that are closing are good options for buying inexpensive bulk makeup.

Browse auction websites where you bit on "a lot," a large set of products sold together.. Watch closely to be sure no one outbids you. Try Ebay or, as a lot of well-known companies list products there that they can not sell in retail stores.

Only bid a few cents so you do not drive the price up too high. Once the auction is closed, pay the company, and wait for your shipment. Be sure to get a tracking number so you track your order to see where and when it is going to arrive.

Arrange for someone to be at the designated shipping address on the shipment arrival day. Makeup needs to stay out of extreme temperature. Lipsticks can melt down and become useless in a matter of hours. In extreme cold, your glass foundation bottles can shatter and powders can change color.

Get your makeup inside immediately and go over the order to be sure you have everything you paid for.

Do a broad search in your favorite search engine to see what new deals you can find. You will never find the same deal twice so be sure to set aside some time to shop and compare products, prices and shipping costs.

Another option is to visit a bricks-and-mortar store with a large makeup inventory. Inquire if the store is willing to sell you makeup in bulk at a discount. Talk with a representative about the shelf life of makeup and how to buy products that won't loose pigment or cause breakouts.


  • Use common sense and good judgment. Get as much information as you can before buying your bulk makeup. Visit well-known stores and websites so you do not fall victim to a scam.