You can liven up business meetings by adding a culinary punch that helps participants stay focused and alert. Present tasty snacks that will help perk up your employees and yourself for the duration of the meeting.

Suggested Food Items

Meetings are often timed when people are either tired or busy with individual work projects. For this reason, your snacks should include a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins to produce an energy boost with lasting power. Foods should include fresh fruits, yogurts, veggie platters, and turkey sandwiches. Nuts and popcorn are nutritious options as well. Offer carafes of lemonade, iced tea and water for your beverages.

Preparation and Accessories

Balance your table so that color and variety are highlighted. For example, you might pair your bright yellow fresh squash alongside dark kale and a honey colored dip for an inviting healthy treat. Lay out a separate table from your meeting area so folks can easily access the food without tripping over one another. Provide dinnerware, glasses, utensils and napkins in the same area. Ask an assistant to man the table to help with dispensing items.

Hygiene and Safety Concerns

Always served chilled foods on ice and warm foods on heat trays. Wait until the last moment to lay out your spread of foods and to remove coverings. Remember that items containing mayonnaise, yogurt and eggs cannot sit out very long and should be moved to refrigeration promptly.