The Definition of Train the Trainer

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Train the trainer, sometimes referred to as TTT, is an education model whereby individuals identified to teach, mentor or train others attend training themselves. Some may already be educators or trainers and are supplementing or reinforcing their skills, while others are receiving training for the first time. Any type of organization can adopt this model; it is very popular among nonprofit organizations and NGOs.

New Skills and Information

Teachers and trainers are exposed to new information, theories and skills through train-the-trainer models. They become more confident in their abilities and are motivated to disseminate the new information to others. Some programs use seasoned trainers to mentor novice trainers while they gain more experience.

Community and Not-for-Profit Programs

One reason the TTT model is popular in community and not-for-profit programs is because trained community members go into their own communities and teach there. This is more effective than using outsiders; according to an evaluation prepared by The Urban Institute, people are more likely to accept ideas and information from individuals who are like them, and whom they know and trust.



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