Goals for an early childhood education program should focus on preparing young children for kindergarten. Effective preschool programs produce long-term benefits by incorporating an age-appropriate curriculum with high educational standards, according to the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory website. Young children in early childhood programs develop intellectual skills that help them initiate their own learning activities. Effective programs should encourage preschoolers to participate actively in hands-on learning.

Quality Staff

Goals for early childhood education programs should include hiring quality staff. Teachers should be well trained and knowledgeable about the best types of early education practices. Schooling should include courses designed for teaching children from birth to eight years old. Classes should emphasize child development, young children's learning styles and proper parent communication techniques. Workshops and curriculum training can improve teaching methods for early childhood teachers.

Encourage Initiation in Young Children

Early childhood programs should emphasize that children initiate their own learning activities. Children should be actively engaged in learning by participating in hands-on learning activities and social play. Goals should encourage preschoolers to develop social, physical and intellectual ways to solve problems.

High Quality Educational Component

Another goal should be to include a high-quality educational component that prepares preschoolers for kindergarten. Pre-reading strategies such as letter identification and sounds should be part of an effective early childhood program. Educators should read and discuss picture books with young children. Early math skills such as counting and number identification are also important. Other lessons can include learning about nature, community, family and technology. Activities such as arts and crafts, physical activity and music can also be important components.

Physical Environment

Early childhood education should encourage a physical environment that teaches students through active exploration. An effective preschool program should include learning centers . Each week the early childhood teacher can change what is available in the centers according to the week's theme. There also should be an area for meetings and circle-time activities, enough space for students to move around without injury and a sink, according to the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory website. An area for outdoor activity should be available so that children can play and explore.