Opening an orphanage in India means articulate planning and arduous efforts as it involves getting permission, having registration done and sanctioning of loans, which is itself a long and tedious process. You have to go to different government departments to seek sanction and licenses.

Step 1.

Prepare a project report detailing the number of children to be accommodated and facilities you will be providing, like a nursery for babies, living room, playing room, library, etc. You also have to mention total investment required, like cost involved in land, building, start-up requirements, the equipment and its fitting costs, running costs, number of children expected to be accommodated and list of services to be provided to them and their expenditure, staff requirements and management team, and expansion plans in the future, if any. Additionally, you need to specify if you intend to get land on lease or buy it yourself, the investment you can make and the loan required.

Step 2.

Arrange for funds either through a loan or donations. Local certified non-governmental organizations (NGO) or local politicians are ideal sources to seek the funding for the project. Your proposed plan should be good enough to convince authorities in the NGO.

Step 3.

Meet legal requirements. Visit the child and family welfare department to get permission. Seek advice from an advocate regarding the law of the license and get license and also permission from local bodies.

Step 4.

Get the registration done under the Societies Registration Act 1860, which registers charitable, literary or scientific societies, as it will be a nonprofit organization. Visit to see the details of the Societies Registration Act. You also have to comply with the guidelines of Section 25 of Companies Act 1956 of India, which governs the registrations of nonprofit organizations. It's important to seek advice from your lawyer to open an orphanage in India, as legal technicalities have to be dealt.

Step 5.

Meet legal formalities, including license, in order to open an orphanage in India.