Charitable organizations do require administrative services to function. From receipts to inventory and other administrative requirements, many charitable organizations have office setups that allow them to perform day-to-day operations. One administrative requirement for many charitable organizations is a telephone system. If your business is looking to upgrade its telephone system, you might want to consider donating your old system to a charity.

Step 1.

Determine if your existing telephone system is worthy of donation. If your telephone system was struck by lightning and it no longer works, it won’t be of much use to your favorite charitable organization. However, if you simply want to upgrade systems, or if your existing telephone system requires only minor repairs, it’s smart to donate it instead of throwing it away.

Step 2.

Donate the telephone system and all of the phones that go with it. Most telephone systems are a package deal, meaning components on this system won’t work on your new system anyway.

Step 3.

Consider paying for professional installation of your donated telephone system at the charitable organization. Depending on the complexity of the telephone system you donate, having a professional install it is recommended. Taking care of that expense will help the charity focus more of its budget on its mission.

Step 4.

Obtain a receipt from the organization to which you donated the phone system. The donation of a telephone system is tax deductible, and the receipt serves as proof of the donation.