Ever since John Kennedy was the president of the United States, the concept of workplace discrimination, and the flip side of that coin which is workplace diversity, has been a common issue. However, workplace diversity offers many positives for employers and employees.


Having a mix of cultures, ethnicities and ages in the workplace can bring a variety of points of view to any project. As such, problems can be thought out and viewed from fresh eyes.


Working with people who come from different backgrounds and walks of life enhances the personal tolerance levels of every individual employee.


A more diverse workplace is viewed, from an outside perspective, as being more open to accepting qualified applicants. Often an employer is seen as "color blind," hiring purely on the merit of its employees.

Skill Set

When a workplace has a number of different demographics it gives the company a much broader skill set to draw upon, including cultural understanding and foreign language.

Legal Protection

One of the clearest, though not as often quoted, benefits of a diverse workplace is that it is less likely that an employer will be the subject of discrimination claims.