Emirates Airlines has an extremely attractive business model, which has paved the way for them becoming the fastest-growing international airline. The company is well renowned within the industry for excellent service around the globe. This success is widely attributed to Emirates’ attention to fundamental strategic detail, and has thrived through competition, despite by being owned by the government of Dubai.

Quality Control

Quality control is the cornerstone of Emirates Airline’s fundamental success. From the creating and maintaining a state-of-the-art airline fleet to keen attention on how they treat their customers in each aspect of their business, everything is done with the very highest standards being applied.

Extensive Aviation Training

The aviation education arm of the airline's business is a key fundamental strategy to the company’s success. Not only does it continue to add and keep key aviation talent within their employment, but it creates a huge footprint as it trains other people within the industry. This image and brand recognition alone that is generated from this particular business segment renders it a valuable strategy.

Interrnational Airline Information Technology Development

Emirates Airlines has leveraged their international airline domain knowledge into another key profit center, involving the development of software for the industry. The strategy of using their knowledge and trained programmers to create an IT development company for the international airline industry is an excellent addition to Emirates’ portfolio of business strategies.

Resort, Hotel and Tourism Strategy

One of the more unique fundamental level strategies is how the company has successfully moved into the resort and tourism space: They have done so through the creation and acquisition of various resorts and spas, as well as by placing a huge emphasis on quality control, all of which has drawn great praise and, at the same time, lots of business. In addition, the company has built a tourism service around this area of the business, fueling more growth from this particular fundamental level strategy.