Although often overlooked, the appearance and décor of a seminar can leave a lasting impression on guests. Decorating your seminar space does not have to be time-consuming or expensive and can be tastefully done on a relatively small budget.


The colors you choose to decorate your seminar with will heavily depend upon your audience and the topic being presented. Choose between two or three complimentary colors to use when decorating your seminar space. Here are some attractive and professional color combinations to consider: black, cream and gold; navy blue, gray and white; red and cream; silver, white and black. Alternatively, if your group or business has established colors, use those to decorate.


Place skirted table covers on your head and registration tables--even plain white table covers will make your seminar appear more welcoming and appealing than it would with uncovered tables. If you can, get table covers that fit with your color scheme from a craft, hobby or party supply store. If you cannot find the color you need, get black or white table covers instead. For the guest tables, consider using table runners and tablecloths. If you are serving a meal, stage a simple tablescape.

Floral Arrangements

Adding a floral arrangement to your head or registration table or smaller arrangements to each guest table is a good addition to any seminar, no matter what the topic. Choose attractive flowers such as tulips and carnations and place them in understated vases. White, black or clear vases work well at seminars and are not distracting.