Tanning Advertisement Ideas

A tanning salon success depends on a good marketing strategy, and targeting a local customer base to use your tanning salon instead of a competitor's. With a tanning salon business, advertising can attract customers by having information available either on the Internet or through frequent reminders such as mailed coupons or postcards.


A website for a tanning salon provides 24/7 information to customers, such as what equipment you use and how it is better than the competitors. Also, add coupons that can be printed out, as well as any sales or discount tanning plan announcements. Offer special discounts and incentives for seasonal tanning, such as around high school proms or before summer beach trips. Discounts can include tanning packages or even indoor tanning lotion offers.

Customer Email Newsletter

An email newsletter can be set up for customers who visit the website, or existing customers who stop in at the shop. Have customers fill out a form with their email address and offer them 5 free minutes of tanning in return for the information. Send out a monthly newsletter with your offers, such as a discount for a certain number of tanning minutes. Email newsletters are usually free to create, which would of course be better than paying for printing and mailing advertising postcards.


A happy customer's word of mouth is always the best way to advertise a tanning business. By providing helpful customer service and paying attention to tanning customer needs you will build a faithful client base. This especially helps when happy customers refer the tanning business to their family and friends. Reward referrals with free tanning minutes, such as 20 free minutes of tanning per new customer.