The Best Home Money Making Opportunities

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Many people would enjoy gaining independence from corporate America, setting their own hours and being their own bosses. For those who want to venture out on their own, home-based businesses can be a viable option. If you are considering making this type of career change, choose a business that will give you the freedom you desire, as well as give you the opportunity to make money to support your financial goals and current or desired standard of living.

Web Design

If you are computer savvy, creative and detail-oriented, consider starting a freelance web design business. According to an article on Yahoo, this type of home business is profitable because your outgoing expenses are very low. People who already have the design software and skill sets can work from a home office and charge a wide variety of fees. For some of the lower-end web design projects, such as for only a few landing pages, you can charge between $500 and $1,000 a project. Once you have established several client relationships, you can get paid for simply updating their websites on a weekly or monthly basis.


People who already have real-world business experience and current certifications can easily transition into a profitable home-based accounting business. This type of home-based job is ideal for those who are retiring or who simply want to work for themselves. According to an article on Entrepreneur, you’ll need to decide what your niche, or service offerings, will be before you venture out. You can typically choose from bookkeeping services or more complex accounting services, such as writing and managing a small company’s financial reports, balance sheets and income statements. If you would like to work on a seasonal basis, consider setting up a freelance tax accounting home business. Many people only work a busy few months each year and can take the rest of the year off.


Freelance consulting is another lucrative home-business idea if you already have the clients or you know where you can find them. This type of business is perfect for already-established industry experts and people with entrepreneurial spirits. If you want to leave your full-time, permanent job, but your company doesn’t want to lose you, suggest you work for them as a consultant and ask for a higher hourly rate, since most companies will no longer have to pay for your benefits. People who want a break from their former workplaces can sell business plan writing services to small and startup companies. If you were a top-notch recruiter, sell your consulting services to human resources departments or sell resume-writing services to independent clients.