Proficiency Tests for Accountant Job Candidates

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When hiring an employee for a position in the accounting department, it is important to evaluate their knowledge and skills. All accountant job candidates should obtain basic accounting skills and knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP). The particular duties will determine how extensive the candidate's knowledge must be. There are numerous proficiency tests available to determine a candidate's skill levels. You can also create your own customized test to suite your company needs.

Professional Organizations

Professional organizations, such as the National Bookkeepers Association, have proficiency tests available for purchase. These tests can be used to evaluate a candidate's skills.

Design Your Own

You can design your own skills test using online tools. One such tool is Test Designer. You will be able to customize your test by selecting the questions you feel are necessary to gauge if the candidate can perform certain job duties. You will need to register in order to use this online tool.


Certified Public Accountant

A certified public accountant can help you design a proficiency test to evaluate the skills of your accounting job candidates.