Daily Workplace Safety Topics

Safety in the workplace is a priority for many business owners. A good safety record can help business owners keep the cost of insurance down, as well as help employees keep working rather than recovering from accidents. Many employers offer periodic safety classes to promote safe practices in the workplace, which can help employees be more aware of their surroundings and the dangers that might be present.

First Aid and CPR

Offering CPR or first aid classes to employees can help keep employees prepared. This type of training may even result in lower insurance rates with some companies. There are individuals and organizations that specialize in teaching basic first aid and CPR in business situations, making it possible for you to have employees certified in case of an emergency.

Fire and Tornado Drills

Regular tornado and fire drills are something all places of employment should consider. These drills should aim to instruct employees how to behave in such emergencies. Establish exit routes for fire and where to go in case of tornadoes. Time employee evacuation to help ensure success in emergency situations.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards

Regularly discuss and reinforce Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, procedures and standards with your employees to ensure these standards are met. It can help promote safety in the workplace and will also keep your business from being fined for violations.


Be aware of violence in the workplace. Regular anger management classes, as well as stress relief programs, for your employees can be helpful. Discuss employee interaction and how negative behavior may result in a volatile workplace. Consider putting a no-tolerance harassment rule in place that results in immediate termination for such behavior.