Tips for Creating a Capability Statement

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A capability statement is a brief statement outlining a company’s capabilities, expertise and experience. It is used by companies trying to contract work with a government office. It tells the government office who the company is, what the company does and why the government should hire the company.

Keep it Brief

Capability statements should be specific but brief. They should be typed on business stationery with the company’s logo on the form. They should be limited to one page. A capability statement should be written so that the reader is interested in the information provided. Every time a company applies for a government job, a new capability statement is written. This allows the brief statement to specifically be meant for the particular job the company is applying for each time. Bulleted statements and short sentences often work well for these statements because they are brief but concise.

Be Specific

A capability statement tells about the company’s basic information, including its location and contact information. It also allows a company to be specific on aspects that set the company apart. These statements begin with an introduction and then typically include three sections: core competencies, past performance and differentiators. The introduction tells who you are and why the organization should hire your company. Core competencies tell about the company’s expertise specifically written for the job it is applying for. The past performance section specifically outlines similar work the organization has done and the way it relates to the current job. Finally, differentiators tell what sets this company apart from other companies. It is important to include all unique attributes about the company.

Things to Avoid

Certain things should be avoided when preparing a capability statement. Capability statements are short statements yet contain a great deal of pertinent information; therefore there is no room for vague statements. Each statement should be carefully planned to avoid this. Every statement must contain a purpose and offer beneficial information about the company. Another thing to avoid is underrating or overselling the business. The information on the statement should be true and accurate. When preparing a capability statement, it is often helpful to have an editor review it before it is submitted.