Insurance software help you to operate your insurance agency more efficiently. This software not only allows you to manage your clients’ policies, but you can also append photographs, spreadsheets and documents to your client files. Insurance software also performs other daily operations such as monitoring your sales team’s commissions and Internet transactions.

AgencyPro for Windows

AgencyPro for Windows is an insurance agency accounting application. You can keep track of your sales representatives’ commissions, customer payments and balance sheets. AgencyPro comes with a Checkbook Manager feature. This helps you to track all of your print checks and accounts. It also includes an Integrated Management Document feature, which allows you to attach email messages, pictures, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents and movies to your clients’ files. You can produce different reports such as Balance Sheet and Income and Expense. AgencyPro comes with more than 100 pre-written sales letters. Agency Software, which developed this software, provides four hours of free accounting training. In addition, the company will set up your Chart of Accounts.


United Systems and Software Incorporated (USSI) “is designed to meet the current and future administration requirements found in most traditional and non-traditional life and health insurance companies,” according to USSI. USSI510e supports long-term care, supplemental health, major medical, annuities and disability insurance products. This software integrates with components such as electronic funds transfer, document imaging, storage and retrieval. You can also send documents through email. USSI510e also comes with underwriting support, which enables you to keep track of billing, sales representatives’ commissions, accounts payable and Internet transactions and inquiries.


SmartOffice is a customer relationship management (CRM) application for insurance agencies. This application comes with tools that will help insurance agents to identify and take advantage of opportunities so they can get new clients or retain existing ones. SmartOffice also comes with a policy tracking feature, which helps you to keep track of your customers’ policies. SmartOffice includes a reporting feature. You can create detailed financial reports and go over them with your customers. SmartOffice also has a compliance feature that stores your email messages, documents and other important attachments.