Car wraps, typically made out of vinyl, are company branded promotional items that allow a business to promote itself while the car is being driven around town. While vehicle wraps are effective at helping companies build brand awareness, they can be expensive to replace and wear out after a few years.

Visible Local Exposure

Having a vehicle wrap on your car allows you to gain a lot of ad impressions while you run errands around town. Though numbers vary by location and driving habits, it is common for a wrapped car to achieve 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day in a metro area, according to Arete Digital Imaging. Compared to billboards, you might benefit from longer exposure times as well since many drivers follow or drive alongside you on the roads. You also benefit from exclusive messaging on your car as opposed to having to share space or air time with other advertisers.

Customization and Creativity

Compared to traditional ad media, vehicle wraps are often more effective at creating lasting impressions with consumers. Whereas people are desensitized to many television and radio commercials, someone may pay close attention to an eye-catching or attractive car wrap. Having your business name and phone number on the wrap can also allow for fast conversions. Another motorist may see your number and call your business or office from a mobile phone in the car. Custom creations and reversible designs add to what you can do with your wrap.

High Cost

There is actually a wide variance in costs for a car wrap, depending on the size of the vehicle and the quality of the materials. You also have flexibility to get a full car wrap or smaller sticker placements in multiple spots around the car. However, a typical initial investment in a vehicle wrap might run a few thousand dollars, according to Arete. This investment is much more than what you pay for a typical small print ad in a local newspaper or for a modest rotation of radio ads in the local marketplace.

Wearing and Potential Damage

When installed correctly, the risks of damage to your vehicle from a car wrap are minimal, reports NorthWest Auto Salon. If you get a poor quality installation, though, your vehicle may suffer scratches from razor blades and paint peeling from adhesive. It is also typical that a wrap wears out in a few years from climate exposure or dirt accumulation. A lot of sun exposure may fade certain types of wraps. In all-weather climates, mud and slush during winter and early spring months can wear out the material.