Quality Assurance Plan Checklist

by Gilbert Manda; Updated September 26, 2017
A quality assurance checklist helps to ensure a product or service meets established standards.

Quality assurance is measures taken to ensure a product or service meets the highest possible standards in an effort to gratify or exceed customer expectation. The purpose of a quality assurance checklist is to make sure that planned and system procedures in a life-cycle of a project are properly monitored and implemented.

Project Tracking

You need to trace your project activities. This includes procedure, process expectation and justification for what is left of the process. Is oversight being properly conducted to ensure a quality product or service? Are all the activities being recorded in conformity with regulation or company record control? If the project is subject to peer reviews, are all issues being addressed?

Human Capital

This part of the checklist helps to determine the competence of the personnel involved in the project. Detail relevant education, skills and training experience for each member of the staff necessary to execute a project or provide quality service. For example, if a project requires providing auditing services to a company, are all the auditors fully qualified to carry out the task?

The Product

This is an elaborate process involving reviewing a complete product. Any deviations will be classified as non-compliant. The outcome will be measured by assessing, analyzing and amending quality processes. Proof of compliance could be in the form of statistical data.

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