Merchandising refers to the way a store displays its merchandise to shoppers. An effective display captures a shopper's attention and piques her interest. In a home decor department, it is important to create the feeling of an ideal home while presenting ways the shopper can achieve at home. This can be done with the right amount of organization and attention to detail.

Focal Points

Displaying a product so it stands out among the other aisles or sections creates a focal point for the shopper. This can be done by displaying merchandise on a fixture of a different type or color. Spots of bold color draw attention to merchandise, while neutral colors are more suggestive of home interiors.


Distribute your best-selling merchandise at the front, center, and back of the space to draw a shopper's attention throughout the department. The most popular products should be in the back, so the shopper needs to pass by the other merchandise in order to get to it.

Floor Coverings

Floor coverings can act as a path for the shopper to follow through the department. Different coverings can also suggest different rooms of the home. For example, displaying bedroom decor on carpet and kitchen decor on vinyl, separates the merchandise and makes them more distinct to customers.

Fixture Heights

Low fixture heights allow the shoppers to see more merchandise. A view of the entire department encourages the shopper to explore the space. At the same time, small, organized groupings of merchandise let the shopper browse without being overwhelmed.


Signage provides visual cues that can guide the customer through the department. Digital signage, including flat-screen TVs, is more dynamic and it can be used to advertise several products at once.

Lighting and Staging

Areas of soft lighting highlight fixtures and create an intimate, home-like feel. The arrangement of a few "props" to suggest a particular room helps the customer visualize how the merchandise could look in her own home. It doesn't need to be elaborate. Simple things like books, a blanket, and a chair can give the feel of a bedroom without having a bed take up space on the floor. In fact, simple displays are more effective because they keep the focus on the merchandise.