Federal GS Employment Benefits

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As a federal general schedule (GS) employee, you have a rewarding benefits package. In addition to salary, these benefits are a added bonus to the overall compensation package. The federal government tries to provide employees with benefits that are needed and wanted, and by doing so, set up a model standard for other employers to follow. A federal GS employee may have a benefit package that is worth 20 percent or more of his annual salary. The GS employee benefits are one of the reasons so many people seek out federal employment.

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

In 2010, there were 180 health plans available to GS employees in the U.S. There are different packages available for individuals, couples and families with children. GS employees put together the package that suits them best. These choices are also available for dental and vision insurance. It is not only the wide selection of insurance that makes this benefit rewarding, it is the low cost. The federal government contributes a portion of the premiums monthly, which brings the employee's cost down further.

Holidays and Vacation Time

GS employees receive 10 paid holidays every year. In addition to those days off, GS employees accumulate paid vacation time and paid sick time off. The minimum a full-time GS employee receives every year is 13 days of sick time leave and 13 days of vacation. Depending on your length of employment, the amount of paid vacation days you receive annually will grow.

Retirement Benefits

GS employees have a comprehensive retirement package. The Federal Employee Retirement System, or FERS, is made up of several components including the Thrift Savings Plan, which employees contribute to and the government matches up to a certain amount. Employees also receive Social Security benefits and Medicare Part A.

Life, Disability and Long-term Care Insurance

Life, disability and long-term care insurance are also part of the GS employees benefit package. The government pays a portion of these insurances for the employee. The employee may also take out life insurance for his family at a nominal cost. There is no health exam, no complicated paperwork or forms, just basic information needed for the policy and beneficiaries. Long-term care insurance is available to employees who wish to enroll in the program as well.


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