Florida Requirements for Home Daycare

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Beginning a home daycare in Florida requires obtaining safety certifications and licenses in order to receive a business license. Many families are looking for daycare for their children, and quite a few are hoping for an in-home daycare center for smaller groups and more personal care. Parents want their children to be safe. By requiring all home daycares to have these certifications and licenses, Florida can help parents feel secure in their choice.

The Daycare Faculty Requirements

A home daycare operator is required to pass a competency test after completing 30 hours of department-approved training courses. The operator must also complete 10 in-service hours per year. Holding an in-service meeting for your employees benefits the caregiver and the children in the home by teaching new safety courses and making sure the staff is kept current on certifications in CPR and first aid. All home daycare staff scheduled to work 40 hours per week are also required to pass the competency test, but they are required to complete 40 hours of department approved training courses. Home daycare volunteer staff that work less than 40 hours per week are not required to complete the same training, but must be under constant supervision.

Training Courses

Daycare operators are required to complete 30 hours of training courses on rules and regulations, child abuse and neglect, behavioral screening and child development and nutrition. The operator must also complete five hours of early literacy and language development, 10 hours of in-service training yearly, and infant and child CPR. Substitutes working more than 40 hours per week, must also complete the previous requirements minus the in-service training. Home daycare substitutes working less than 40 hours per week must complete a child CPR class, first aid and six hours of daycare rules and regulations or three hours of the fundamentals of daycare.

In-service Training

Participating in the in-service training requirements keeps the home daycare staff up to date on safety requirements as well as offers courses in design and use of child-oriented spaces, behavior management, literacy, how to work with families, helping with homework and nutrition just to name a few. In-service training offers more help in the personal and safety aspects of child care. Knowing how to interact with children and their families as well as offering the security parents and children are seeking, is extremely important in the home daycare business.

Staff Credential Requirements

Without exception, all working home daycares open at least eight hours must have at least one credentialed staff member on the daycare site at all times per 20 children. Credentials available are Active National Childhood, Active Birth Through Five Florida Childcare Provider, Employment History Recognition Exemption and Active School-age Florida Child Care credentials. Any of these credential are acceptable.



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