Megger Group Limited is a manufacturer of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. Although all of its products are manufactured in the United States and England (Dallas, Texas; Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; and Dover, England), Megger is an international company with sales and technical offices throughout the world. Established in 1903, Megger offers more than 1,000 products for a wide array of uses, including cable fault locating, protective relay testing, power quality testing, circuit breaker testing, insulation testing and telecommunications and data integrity testing.

ISO 9001

According to the Megger website, every Megger facility is ISO 9001 certified. Established by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9000 is a family of standards for “quality management systems.” ISO 9001 is the only standard in the 9000 family that can be certified. ISO 9001 standards include maintaining records that document where raw materials and products were processed, planning stages of development for new products and testing those products at each stage and establishing formal procedures for situations dealing with non-conformance.

ISO 14001

Megger’s facility in Dover, England, is also ISO 14001 certified. ISO 14000 is a family of standards for environmental management systems. ISO 14001 lists requirements that organizations need to follow to minimize any negative impact on the environment during production. ISO 14001 requirements include identifying and controlling the environmental impact of an organization’s activities, products and services; improving the environmental performance of an organization’s activities, products and services; and implementing a systematic approach to settling environmental objectives and targets; achieving these goals and demonstrating that they have been achieved. ISO 14004 establishes the guidelines to accomplish the requirements of ISO 14001.


According to the Megger website, the organization continually strives to improve the quality of its products by periodic audits performed by independent experts. To be ISO 9001 certified, an organization must undergo regular audits and meetings to evaluate the conformance and effectiveness of its systems. By identifying problems and keeping a record of these checks, Megger is able to adjust and improve upon its facilities.