Ink tags are used in order to deter theft in retail stores of specific products such as clothing or accessories. Typically if someone tries to remove an ink tag improperly the tag will “explode” marking either the thief and the item with ink.

Ink tags come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices. Several companies make different types of ink tags that can be purchased by consumers online.

ADT Ink Tags

ADT Ink Tags These little tags look like little red light domes that are filled with bright red/pink ink that will explode on the item if removed improperly. They can be attached with different types of backers depending on your security system. They do not have a warning label (these can be purchased separately).

Inktag3 Ink Tags

These are the typical two-colored ink tags containing separate compartments of both blue and yellow ink that may combine if improperly removed. This brand usually comes with its own backings. They do include a warning on the top of the tag.


These are usually clear or beige plastic capsules loaded with red and black ink. They have a warning written on their top and do not need to be used with any additional security system.

Checkink II Ink Tags

These are once again yellow and blue dye filled tags complete with a warning. They can however be combined with an electronic tag to double your security.

Sensormatic Hard Tags

Sensormatic has several lines under their Hard Tag family that are either EAS (electronic article surveillance) or ink tags. The Ultra Ink tag in particular is a combination of ink and EAS, providing extra theft deterrent for merchants concerned with protecting high value items. They also carry the Supertag Ink tag which does not have EAS protection but instead the more traditional concealed vial of ink that will be released if the item is tampered with.