Management accounting is primarily concerned with financial information. Management accountants take information provided by financial accountants and use it to analyze the business and make decisions based on that information. The information is used internally only for future business plans, such as budgets and forecasting.

Management Accounting

Management accounting is performed by management teams in a company to analyze the financial information produced by accountants within the business. The information management accountants determine is used to further goals within the company. Management accountants do not handle daily transactions of the business, but instead work towards improving profitability and growth for the company.

Internal Role

Financial accountants provide accounting information to outsiders, such as lending institutions, stockholders and anyone else interested in the business. Management accounting is different because all the information provided stays internally within the company. The information is used to make sound business decisions for future plans for the company. These accountants budget for and forecast the company’s strategic goals. They set, implement and monitor internal controls of the company, ensuring they are developed properly and work well for the company. They also carefully monitor budgets, making sure that companies are spending their money wisely and appropriately. They look for new trends and try to keep up with them by implementing new technology into future plans.


All the information that management accountants provide is in the form of reports. These reports cover a multitude of topics, including employee performance and actual versus planned performance and results. Another type of report generated by these accountants is a business update. Update reports provide information about orders received, sales and projected sales. Management accountants frequently compare plans versus actual occurrences. Their job consists of future planning for the company and making sure the plans work and are efficient. If there is a specific problem happening in the company, such as a production or profitability issue, management accountants study the problem and produce a report about it to remedy the situation.