What Are the Benefits of Quality Management Systems?

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Quality management systems, such as the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, have a number of benefits. While these systems may demand time and resources when being created and implemented, the benefits will continue for as long as the procedures and processes are followed. And this will outweigh any disadvantages or inconveniences that a quality management system brings.

Repeatable Processes

Quality management systems will provide your business with a number of processes that are constantly repeated to produce a product or a service. Over time, these processes are honed and refined until you have a system that is effective and produces high-quality results.

Knowledgeable Staff

Because you will have so many repeatable processes, the staff carrying out these actions will have a clear definition of their roles and responsibilities, as well as what you as a manager require of them. In knowing the exact process that needs to be carried out, mistakes and errors will decrease. 9000Resource.com states that staff members "are more satisfied and motivated once there are defined roles and responsibilities.”

Increased Business

Many clients actively seek an organization that has some sort of quality management accreditation, whether it be from ISO or from another body. If you have implemented quality management systems and been accredited by a global body, your company will stand out among your competitors.

Supplier Relationships

A good quality management system will define a procedure whereby all new and existing suppliers are vetted on a regular basis to ensure their competence and quality of service. Ongoing agreements and relationships can therefore be struck with reliable suppliers, and you can be assured that the service you are given is of the standard that you require.

Customer Satisfaction

Because a quality management system defines processes and procedures that lead to a high quality product or service, your customers will be pleased at what you are providing. This will prompt them to return to your company, as well as recommend you to friends, family and colleagues. This will boost your business reputation and attract clients and suppliers.



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