List of Three Crimes That Affect Businesses

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Crime hurts businesses all over the nation. Criminals equally target local stores and online-only operations. In some cases, the threat may come from a person outside of the organization. Internal crime is often a problem as well. Business owners must think of effective ways to prevent and deal with crime.

Employee Theft

Theft by employees is one of the most common crimes affecting businesses. The website of the San Diego Police Department reports more than one-third of all thefts from businesses are by employees. Business owners cite various types of theft. Pocketing money from cash registers is a common form of employee theft. Stealing goods from shelves and stockrooms happens often as well.

Developing a good employee-employer relationship helps reduce employee theft. Employees are less like to steal if they feel respected on the job. Providing rewards for a job well done and good career opportunities helps as well. According to the San Diego Police Department, businesses with the lowest turnover rates have the lowest internal theft rates.

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is a crime that hurts businesses offering online shopping. If a thief buys an item online using a stolen credit card, the merchant takes a loss. A chargeback happens when a credit card merchant refunds a fraudulent purchase to the consumer. According to WISCO Computing, businesses are liable for a chargeback resulting from an online sale. The business loses the money and the merchandise.

One way to reduce online fraud is to delay the shipment of items. Instead of shipping an item as soon as the order is received, wait for authorization from the customer’s bank. Card Verification Methods (CVM) also are deterrents. CVM refers to the three or four numbers on the back of a credit card, usually on or next to the signature strip. A customer must have the card to know the number. CVM makes it more difficult for thieves to use stolen credit card numbers.

Parking Lot Robberies

According to a document issued by the Beverly Police Department in Massachusetts, shopping mall crime problems can hurt local businesses. Customers are less likely to frequent stores located in high-crime areas. Several things influence the rate of crime in shopping malls and areas. The location of the store, time of year and security measures has an effect on the crime rate.

Patrolling security guards are an effective measure against parking lot crimes. Sufficient outside lighting and outdoor security cameras also are effective.