Promotional Ideas for a Gym

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A gym's success functions around maintaining memberships and recruiting new ones. Gyms need to maintain a clean and attractive workout environment, create engaging programs and classes and offer amenities to entice new and old members alike. Promotions to show off these aspects of your gym get people in the door and also remind existing members of why they chose your gym.

Contests, Giveaways and Free Trials

Giving away free trials of the gym can help to entice new members who are reluctant to join. This allows new members the chance to try out the facilities without any financial implications.

For existing members, create a punch card program with incentives. Punch the card at the start of each visit to the gym. When the member meets a certain amount of punches, give them a prize such as a free smoothie or gym branded T-shirt. You could also enter them in a drawing for a bigger prize, such as a trip or a free yearlong gym membership, each time a punch card is turned in.

Charitable Events

Create a charitable fundraising drive at your gym. For example, ask members to join in the campaign and donate one dollar for every mile run at the gym. Partner with corporate sponsors who pledge to match the amount accumulated by members. Promote the event with press releases to local newspapers and news stations. This can create a wave of positive publicity for your gym.

Competitive Streak

Partner with other local gyms for a promotion that benefits you all. Ask members from each gym to join teams to compete against the opposing gyms. The teams could compete in miles run, pounds of weight lifted or simply visits to the gym over a specified time span. Invite local news teams to chronicle the competition. This could result in a lot of footage of your facilities being featured on news casts. Advertise the competition with print and television ads, splitting the costs with the gyms you are competing against.

Broadcast From the Gym

Health and fitness topics are at the forefront of the mainstream media. Invite local news teams and radio stations to broadcast live from your facilities. Hold an open house for the public the day of the broadcast and offer refreshments, prizes and raffles. Publicize the event beforehand with press releases. Not only does this give non-members an opportunity to see your facilities in a low pressure environment, it also allows you to showcase your facilities to a wider audience.