Fun Ideas for a New Employee Group Orientation

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New employee orientation should be informative, helpful and a little light-hearted to help new employees feel welcome. Create some fun ideas for a new employee group orientation that will help new hires become familiar with their new company, and with the group of new co-workers they are coming in with.

One Fact

A group can get better acquainted when they learn a little something about each other. Have each person in the group tell one interesting fact about themselves that they are either proud o, or find that most people do not believe. Discourage having people reveal anything embarrassing about themselves, and limit each person to just one fact. It can be a story about a famous celebrity the employee met, a memorable vacation, what the employee remembers about an important person in his life or a childhood memory that shaped his decision-making process as an adult. Have the company managers go first to help get the process started.

Go Outside

If the weather is agreeable, then it would be fun to hold part of new employee orientation outside the building. Have picnic tables set up so everyone can be comfortable, and you may even want to use the opportunity to have a picnic lunch that day to welcome new employees. Managers can make lunch on the grill, and new employees can enjoy their first day at the company in the sunshine outdoors.

Prize Drawings

It can sometimes be difficult to have new employees actively participate in orientation, so encourage new hires to speak up by offering raffle tickets for each correct answer given. When orientation is over, have each employee write their name on the raffle tickets they received, and then do a drawing to give out prizes.

Fake Manual

On the first day of orientation issue a fake employee handbook that has strange information in it such as a dress code that consists of clown costumes, no sick time allowed, a seven-day work week and employees having to pay for use of company phones even for business calls. After a few minutes of the fake manual, let employees know it is an ice breaker and then issue the real manuals.



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