Small Home Business Ideas for Moms

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With all the challenges of motherhood, some women find it difficult going back to their old jobs after having a baby, yet many families still find a second income a necessity. More and more, moms are finding the solution is in starting their own small home business. By working at home and being her own boss, a mom can work as much or as little as she wants, set her own hours and be more readily available when her children need her. There are many ideas for a work-at-home mom.


Moms who enjoy crafts can turn a hobby into a lucrative business opportunity. There are many places to sell hand-made goods, such as local merchants, fairs and festivals, through catalogs and newspapers or the Internet. Many goods are hot sale items, such as candles, soap, quilts, baby clothes, party favors, candy and baked goods, pottery or herbal cleaning supplies.


Put your experience and expertise to good use. If you have a degree, certification or special credentials and experience in a certain area, you can offer your services as a consultant. Someone with an accounting degree with years of experience in financial planning may offer debt counseling, while a former teacher might provide evaluations for home-schoolers or special needs students.


Another way to get paid for sharing your skills is to offer classes. No matter what you can do well, someone out there wishes they could learn. Offer your services as an instructor for sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, playing musical instruments, French cooking, furniture restoration, creative writing, photography, tennis or basket weaving, just to name a few. You can offer private lessons or look for schools, community centers, learning centers, churches or other facilities that offer space so you can hold larger classes. Don’t rule out tutoring in academics, such as math or language arts, if you have strength in those subjects.


If writing is your strength or your passion, consider making it your career. Writing books and articles for print is one possibility, but it’s not the only way to find work as a writer. Look on the Internet for web content writing opportunities, start your own blog, write advertising slogans, plays for your local theater or freelance as a ghostwriter.

Domestic Engineer

Help other busy people, perhaps other working moms, to keep up with their daily chores and those tedious tasks that make a day stressful. Consider offering your services to your local community. You might find offers to clean houses or offices, walk dogs, baby-sit, run errands, do yard work, take out laundry, prepare meals or shovel snow. A lot of people would rather pay for services and spend an extra hour or two at work to cover the cost rather than do it themselves after a long day, and you can fill that need.


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