The Best Small Businesses to Run From Home

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The American Dream of owning your own business can start in the comfort of your home. With today's communication infrastructure, there is a vast array of businesses that can be run out of your private residence. Choosing the one for you will depend on the amount of money you have to invest, the amount of time you can devote to the business and your willingness to be your own boss.

Direct Sales Representative

Although direct sales companies have been around for years, they are not the only games in town. If there is a product you enjoy, there is likely a company looking for direct sales representatives to sell it in your area. Scrap-booking, specialty food items, cooking gadgets, wine accessories and home decorations are just some of the popular categories available.

This is a great entry-level home business because the initial investment is low, and the companies generally provide training and support. In most cases, you will need to buy a minimum amount of catalogs and product samples as part of a start-up kit. The key here is that while you are an independent worker, you are not alone. The success of these companies lies in their support network.

Training and Teaching Others

Although many people have a home gym, they still need someone to help whip them into shape. As a personal trainer or yoga coach from home, you can work freelance visiting clients at their home gyms or by making arrangements with local health clubs to stop by several times a month. Even if the health club has a dedicated trainer on staff, they can always use a fill-in when the regular trainer takes a vacation or if enrollment suddenly spikes. The home-based fitness craze isn't just for independent operators; franchises such as Jazzercise have home-based entrepreneurs getting people into shape across the nation.

Tutoring remains a classic home-based business. Whether students arrive at your home for instruction or if you make house calls, a storefront is not necessary. Music instruction can be done in the same way.

Professional Business Coaching

Working from home as a business and life coach can be a very lucrative venture. Several franchises exist for the sole purpose of helping other business owners succeed: The Growth Coach, The Alternative Board and ActionBoard to name a few.

Seminars, offering advice on a one-on-one basis and providing overall business systems strategies are some of the ways a business coach can help others succeed.

Business Coaching is perfect for the senior executive looking to get out of the "rat race."



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