A warehouse goes through a standard receiving process when shipments arrive to replenish stocked inventory. The warehouse coordinator or inventory clerk has a set procedure to check all received shipments and that paperwork is handled efficiently. If the warehouse personnel encounter any receiving problems, the issues can be addressed quickly so that the correct shipment is available for customers.

Shipment Identification

When a delivery truck arrives at the unloading dock, the inventory clerk speaks with the driver concerning the shipment. The Inventory checks her records to validate that the particular item was ordered and set for delivery. The inventory clerk signs her name on the delivery shipping notice as she accepts the shipment from the driver.

Product Count

After the shipping notice is signed, the warehouse personnel unload the crates from the truck. She counts the number of crates or boxes so the quantity matches the delivery driver's shipping notice. Each crate is opened and an exact count of the received product is taken. Any discrepancies in the count from the invoice slip is noted so that the purchasing department can rectify the situation with the product manufacturer.

Product Inspection

The inventory clerk checks all of the products for any damage caused during shipping. Damaged products are set aside so the manufacturer can retrieve the items and offer replacements. The delivery driver must review that there are damaged products in the shipment and initial the documentation regarding the damaged products before leaving the warehouse. Depending on the manufacturer's policy, the driver may take the products at that time to bring back replacements.

Receiving Documentation

Warehouse personnel assign inventory numbers to products before stocking the items on shelves. The inventory clerk inputs all product information into the warehouse data system. She syncs the data with all other departments requiring the information, including customer service, the sales department and accounts payable department. The inventory clerk files all written documentation such as the invoices and packing slips for auditing purposes.