Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative venture for those looking to make money online. Find the right place to post your links, and you will have a source of income that keeps earning for you even while you're sleeping, vacationing or spending time with your family and friends. The right spot to put affiliate links depends on your situations and options. The best place always is the one with the most exposure and traffic. If you already have an audience on your own website or social media account, start there. Otherwise, find your customers in the places where they already congregate online.

Your Website

Maybe you already have a website pulling in high numbers of traffic each month. If so, affiliate marketing almost instantly could add another layer of income to your budget. With an existing website, promote products that relate to your niche. If you write about dogs, try promoting personalized collars, organic dog food or e-books on dog training secrets. Unrelated affiliate links rarely make a sale, and they might even lose you some readers. If you don't have a website yet, begin one with your affiliate marketing goals in mind. Although this will be a slower journey, the end result could bring in a substantial flow of money.

Social Media

If you have a large and interactive following on Twitter, Facebook or another social media platform, consider posting affiliate promotions there. Resist the temptation to go overboard by advertising too often. Choose affiliates that your followers and friends likely will have an interest in. At the same time, put extra effort into providing more of the tweets and updates that led your readers to connect with you originally. This will keep them around and draw in more potential customers.

Guest Posts

While you're building your own following and customer base, you can find a few instant sales by posting affiliate links where your intended audience already awaits. Many popular high-traffic blogs allow submissions for guest posts. Write a piece with useful tips, valuable insight and a couple of affiliate links. Keep in mind that some blogs might have rules against affiliate marketing in its guest posts, so read the guidelines before submitting anything.

Online Forums

Another gathering area for those with common interests are online forums. If you establish yourself as an active member, you can post an affiliate link successfully when recommending a product or service for someone else. Affiliate marketing in forums can be tricky. Most members will distrust someone who immediately comes in wanting to advertise. You will need to invest time in becoming a regular contributor and keep the members' trust by being upfront with your affiliate links when you do post them.