What to Do When You Are Demoted From Being a Manager

by Lynndee Marooney; Updated September 26, 2017

Being demoted from being a manager can feel like a devastating blow regardless of whether performance or company restructuring caused the demotion. It is important to process your feelings and emotions and deal with the demotion rather then allowing the emotions to escalate.


Find out why the demotion occurred. A demotion is not always because you were unable to handle the position. The demotion may be a result of restructuring the company and was unavoidable. If the demotion was caused by your inability to perform the job, take constructive criticism, and evaluate what actions you can take to improve in the future. You will probably not like the discussion with your boss, but you cannot improve if you do not know what your shortcomings are.


You need to decide if you plan to remain in the job or look for other work. Do not react without thinking clearly of your options. Quitting in a fit of disbelief could be a major mistake if you are unable to find a new job.


Deal with the emotions that come with being demoted. A demotion is a demotion, but it does not define who you are nor what you are capable of. Talk to family and friends about how you feel, and come up with a plan of action to move forward and upward. Do not dwell in the demotion. It happened, and you cannot change the past -- you can, however, take steps to improve the future.


Remaining with the company may cause some awkward feelings initially, but with time, the demotion will fade into the background. Go into work each day with a positive attitude, and take the steps necessary to improve each day at a time.

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