Bid specifications are documents released by a government agency or company requesting goods or services. It is their way to get the best price from the best company possible. You can get these specifications, or solicitation documents as they are sometimes called, from the purchasing departments of government agencies and companies. Included in these specifications are everything you need to place a bid on a paving project.

Due Date and Meetings

The bid specification includes the due date for the bid, sometimes also referred to as the "opening date." There is both a day and time that the bid is due. If your bid is not submitted to the agency or company issuing the bid by this day and time your bid cannot be accepted. Because paving bids are construction bids there is usually a pre-bid meeting. The date and time of the meeting is set out in the specifications. At this meeting you can ask questions about the project and get additional details from the agency or company.

Materials and Services

Asphalt paving bids are released for all types of paving, from highways to bridges, sidewalks, parking lots, streets and driveways. The specifications detail exactly what the agency or company wants paved and what type of asphalt they want used to pave it. They can require installation of cold laid asphalt, hot laid with bituminous materials, or prefabricated asphalt, which is more common with sidewalks and driveways. You must be able to provide the type of asphalt requested in order to bid on the project.

Location and Time

The location of the paving job requested and the time allowed for the actual paving to take place are stated in the bid specification. There is always a start date and end date for the paving. There may also be restrictions on what time of day the work can take place; keep this in mind when quoting a price to the agency or company to provide the services. Additionally, there is sometimes a penalty for not finishing a project on time, so read carefully to see if this is applicable for the bid you are bidding.

Preparing a Bid

Every bid you write in response to the bid specifications is going to be different. Each individual bid tells you step by step how to prepare your bid and turn it into the agency or company that issued the specifications. There are a few things all bids must include, though, such as the price quote to provide the services, a brief description of your company's history and experience and another brief section about what services you intend to provide for the price quoted.