In Texas, a plumbing inspector is a professional who works for a government agency or as an independent contractor, examining the pipes and other plumbing fixtures in buildings to ensure that they adhere to building codes. To work as a Texas plumbing inspector, a license from the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners is necessary.

Licensing Requirement

To qualify for a Texas plumbing inspector license, candidates must meet a previous licensing or combined experience requirement. Applicants who are already licensed as a master or journeyman plumber in Texas automatically fulfill this requirement. In addition, those who have a master plumber license from another state may also be eligible, provided they pass the Texas journeyman plumber examination. Having a license as an architect or engineer in Texas fulfills the previous licensing requirement. Plumbing inspectors who hold a license from another state with similar eligibility criteria similar are qualified candidates under the previous licensing rule.

Combined Experience Requirement

Applicants for a Texas plumbing inspector license can qualify for a license by having 500 hours of previous work experience. Candidates can count up to 200 hours of work experience and 200 hours of on-the-job training toward the requirement. In addition, they can earn up to 100 hours of credit through attending formal post-secondary training courses in plumbing and six hours for each plumbing inspection continuing education course that they complete. Candidates also get credit for 100 hours of experience for holding certification through the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, the International Code Council or as a Texas backflow tester. For completing a state-approved Medical Gas Piping Installation Endorsement training program, applicants are awarded 100 hours of experience, while they get 50 hours for participating in the Water Supply Protection Specialist Endorsement training program in the state.


All qualified applicants for the Texas plumbing inspector license must pass an examination. The tests are typically offered daily at the Texas State Board of Plumbing's locations in Austin, El Paso and Harlingen. Candidates can download a study guide from the board's website. The examination consists of 258 multiple-choice questions on topics such as plumbing codes and gas piping installation. In addition, candidates must complete four pipe sizing charts on the test.

Other Requirements

Only U.S. citizens and legal residents are eligible for licensing as a Texas plumbing inspector. In addition, candidates must have a high school diploma or GED. Candidates must undergo a criminal background check prior to licensing; those with a history of convictions may be ineligible for credentialing depending on the nature of their crimes. All candidates must complete an application available for download from the Texas State Board of Plumbing's website. Along with the form, applicants must submit a copy of their photo identifications and a fee, $55 as of June 2011.