Being a good communicator in the work place will make you and your team more effective and efficient. Gerard M Blair, a senior lecturer at The University of Edinburgh, suggests four points of business management communication to help you get there: be precise, prepared, assertive and listen to others.


Strive for clarity and precision when communicating what you want out of others. Avoid ambiguous or confusing terminology so that miscommunications are kept to a minimum. Asking the individual to repeat what you said will make it clear that he understands you, and also to give you feedback to help perfect your communication skills. Confirm what others are asking of you so you have an understanding of what needs to be done on your end.


Preparation for staff meetings and discussions are an important part of business communication. Be concise and efficient with your time, expressing clearly what you need to say. Plan your discussion to make it interesting, which will keep your audience engaged. Set a time goal and let everyone know when they can expect to get out, allowing them to plan the rest of their day.


Remain assertive when communicating with others. In other words, remain polite and show consideration for what others are saying, while keeping your views clearly expressed. If you disagree with a senior manager, accept his decision but state your objections clearly. When communicating with employees you should remain in control of the dialogue and keep the conversation moving.


A key point of communication is not how well you speak but about how well you listen to others. Always be open minded and allow others to voice their opinions, which will lead to more open communication between you and allow for more productivity in the workplace or in relationships. Show that you are interested in what people have to say.