Consistent productivity and delivery of quality service are essential to the financial health of every small business. To ensure positive relationships and good customer service, you have to ensure projects are completed on schedule, on budget and as promised. Getting this kind of work done sometimes requires a little extra push. Going about it in a positive way can help you maintain morale while simultaneously increasing productivity.

Define Responsibilities

Make sure each staffer has a firm understanding of individual responsibilities and work expectations. Conduct regular performance assessments to gauge how employees are performing and make sure they understand and are qualified for their positions. Provide training and education for those who are not performing at peak levels.

Time Management

Good time management skills are essential to getting teams working at full steam. Encourage the use of project plans, deadline calendars and daily “to do” lists to help staffers get the most out of every day. You can also invest in a time management consultant who can deliver a brief presentation to your employees about best practices, getting organized and becoming more efficient at work.


Create incentive plans to encourage employees to step up work efforts. You may opt to set individual or team incentives to spur competition and give employees tangible goals to aim for. Incentives can be cash bonuses, paid time off or other perks. Make sure the incentives are attainable, or you run the risk of people being discouraged. This can backfire, lowering morale and decreasing productivity.


Take a positive attitude toward your work improvement efforts rather than taking on the role of a task master concerned only with the bottom line. Encourage employees, recognize efforts and let staffers know they’re valued assets in your business. Encourage feedback to let workers know their opinions count. For example, ask employees what they need to do their jobs better or more efficiently, and encourage input about everyday business processes. You may get information that helps you streamline work efforts and improve across-the-board productivity.