A retail store may employ remodel associates on a temporary basis when management anticipates a needed change to the store's interior design or merchandise selections. For instance, a retail store may hire remodel associates when it changes over its seasonal merchandise from Halloween to Christmas. Stores require remodel associates to be at least 18 years of age, have legal employment status within the U.S. and have the ability to carry out many physically demanding duties.

Shelf Construction

A major aspect of a remodel associate's job is working with the store's shelving units. These units can include the shelves in the store aisles, those near the checkout stands and those at the end of each aisle, also known as the "endcaps." Remodel associates must break down and rebuild the shelf arrangements according to management's instructions. For example, the remodel associate may remove some shelves to accommodate larger items, or add shelves to create more real estate for smaller items.

Merchandise Relocation

Remodel associates must also move items from one part of the store to another. When the store remodeling plan calls for old items to be removed and new items to be added, the remodel associate handles those chores. Remodel associates may be called on to carry the items physically or they may be allowed to use carts, dollies or other conveyances to and from the store floor. For instance, remodel associates will move Halloween items off the shelves and replace them with Christmas-themed merchandise.

Inventory Displays

Suppliers often give retail stores specific instructions on how to display merchandise. These instructions ensure that the customers see the product in the best possible light, which can influence their purchasing decisions. Remodel associates must follow these directives when placing items on the shelves. Retail store managers will inspect the work of the remodel associates to make sure that they display the products according to those instructions.

Store Appearance

After completing the major re-shelving and restocking chores, the remodel associate may handle duties related to restoring the store's appearance. This includes cleaning shelves, sweeping floors and painting walls. Some remodeling projects may require outdoor restoration tasks, such as landscaping, setting up advertising displays or putting up holiday decorations.