Finding the best color to use in a flier to attract people to your business starts with reviewing your target market. The colors you choose also tell something about your company's brand, according to a research paper published by the University of Delaware. The key is using a color that grabs a prospect's attention but is not so dark or bright that the message is lost on the page.

Suggesting Value

If you want to convince people that your services or products cost little for the value, go with orange, according to an article in Forbes. Appealing to prospects on a budget makes blue suitable, too. Use a combination of these colors to appeal to the largest number of people. For instance, use orange for the background and contrast it with blue so you highlight and reinforce your message of great products or service for a low price.

Go Green

If you want to motivate people to think about nature or the environment, green is a good color to use. For instance, Whole Foods and John Deere both use the color green. But green is not limited to outdoorsy businesses. The color is also used by companies that sell financial services, notes an article in Entrepreneur. Use a dark green font and lighter green design elements to draw attention to your flier. You can also use a pale green paper with darker print on it to help grab attention, and use blue, orange or yellow for contrasting colors.

Color by Gender

Color Matters, a website dedicated to the study of color's effects, notes that gender plays a big role in choosing the right color. If your target market primarily consists of men, a flier that uses lots of blue, brown, green or red is ideal. Women like blue as well, but they are also attracted to purple, orange and red. To appeal to both audiences, use white paper with dark blue print to grab attention from a distance, says an article by the University of Tennessee Center for Profitable Agriculture.

Urgency Vs. Calm

Red is the right color for your flier if you want to compel shoppers to stop and make a purchase right now. For instance, if you're holding a grand opening event or a big sale, fliers printed on red paper with bold black or dark blue print helps draw traffic. On the other hand, if you want to draw people to a soothing experience at your spa or salon, create a flier that uses soft colors such as rose, light pink or pale blue.