Starting a new business can be both challenging and rewarding. A successful new business can allow you to be your own boss, provide a stable financial future and allow you to do the things you want to do. There are many ideas for a new business. The key to success is finding the one that will work for you.

Photography Business

If you have skills with photography and a knowledge of camera equipment, a photography business is a good opportunity. A photography business offers you the opportunity to work from your home or out of a studio. Weddings, graduations and portrait work are all opportunities to take advantage of when you're looking for clients.

Consulting Business

If you have experience and special skills in a particular area, consider using your skills as a consultant. Business consultants, tax consultants and media consultants are just some of the areas in which a specialist could build a successful business.

Music Instructor

If you have musical skills or writing skills, a small business teaching these skills can make an enjoyable business opportunity. Music teachers can set their own hours, take as many students as they want and work from their home. Because many music students will already have equipment, the investment can be kept to a minimum.

Lawn Service

A lawn-service business can provide year-round income. The start-up costs can vary, depending on the equipment you want to purchase and the cost of renting a building for storage. Fill your summer and spring months cutting grass, planting flowers and trimming hedges, rake leaves and remove them during the fall and offer snow removal services during the winter.