There are a wide range of business topics, from running a business or managing a business to dealing with customers and operating in a bad economy. Just about everything contains some kind of business component and even charities and nonprofit organizations must adhere to budgets and business decisions. All of these areas get people thinking about topics in the business world.

Small Business Topics

Small businesses employ more than half of all private sector workers and pay 44 percent of their salaries; they have also generated 64 percent of all new jobs in the past 15 years. Topics under this category include how to start a small business, what defines a small business, how much they pay in taxes, and what kinds of businesses make the best small businesses.

Topics also include how to recruit and maintain good employees. Family businesses comprise many small businesses, so topics can include working with family on a daily basis, what to do in situations of disagreement, and how to manage the business if someone dies.

International Business Topics

International business topics go beyond the borders of the United States, reaching the global economy. Since many American-based businesses depend on what happens overseas, these topics become very timely. How the economy flourishes in China or India impacts business decisions on American soil.

Topics also include focusing on the many emerging economies across the world; and what people buy and spend money on to spur economic growth. International credit and financial markets also affect what goes on in the United States, so explaining how foreign investments and foreign economies work helps people understand the world economy, even on a country-by-country basis.

Knowing how to conduct business internationally, including customs, language and even a simple handshake, can be crucial in sealing international deals. Topics in this area help an audience understand international business cultures.

Entrepreneurship and Startup Topics

Entrepreneurs conceive a business idea and turn the idea into a profit. Topics under this category include how to come up with an idea, where to begin the business process, and how to make money. Starting a business involves regulations, copyrights, trademarks and other legal issues, lending their own set of topics.

Many entrepreneurs fail several times with several different ideas before becoming successful; this leads to topics including what people learn from each failed venture, how to convince investors to get money for the next project, and how to stay motivated.

Ethics and Decision Making

Business ethics focuses on making good, moral decisions based on the knowledge of the people involved, stakeholders and those affected by the decision. How to make a good ethical decision, developing a code of ethics and how to teach others in the company about good ethical decisions are all timely topics that can even comprise current events.

Topics also include comparing and contrasting codes of ethics from various businesses to see how each business defines ethics differently and what businesses learn after an ethical dilemma. Incorporating pop culture into business ethics focuses on ethical decisions in making movies and television shows, and how entertainment portrays business leaders.