Cooperation between multiple departments in a company is essential for increased profits. Production departments and marketing or sales departments have different functions, but a similar overall objective. Both departments look to enhance sales and profits by supplying products that customers need or want. Marketing and sales support within the production department can help tie customer preferences to the production process.

Product Definition

Customer requirements, preferences and needs can change rapidly. Products in demand in one season may exhibit low demand in the following season. A marketing department’s research function sheds light on shifts in customer demand. Marketing and sales can help translate customer demand into product specifications. These definitions can include color choices, package sizes, feature modifications and even shifts to a new product line.

Set Production Quota Guidelines

Reports, meetings and strategy sessions among production, marketing and sales personnel can help estimate production capacity needs and product changes. The marketing department can help guide the timing and quantity requirements of production. Well-orchestrated production scheduling can minimize waste and increase profits. For example, marketing departments can alert production to a special promotion that will lead to an increased demand for products. Production departments can increase production in advance of the promotion to ensure sufficient product supply.


Sales personnel often see the constant trade-off between quality and price. When customers are not as price sensitive, they may demand higher-quality products. At other times, customers prefer low-cost items. Marketing and sales personnel help relay these preferences to the production department. Production managers can then modify source materials, product offers and specifications according to quality demands.

Customer Communications

The marketing and sales department serves as an intermediary between customers and production. Customers discuss their needs, concerns or requests with the sales personnel of the company. In turn, sales relays this information to the various departments in the company, including production. Sales communication requirements vary based on the type of product and the sales channel. For example, highly customized products often require heavy interaction between customers, sales personnel and production for product definition and pricing.

Problem Resolution

Recalls, quality problems or an unsatisfied customer can cause long-term problems for a company. The marketing department must orchestrate media campaigns, customer support and help minimize the impact of any production problems in the company. For example, the marketing department is responsible for managing any recall announcements, press requests and managing public perception during a product recall.