Networking activities offer an opportunity for seasoned co-workers and new employees to come together in a stress-free atmosphere and express themselves. Encourage strong, courteous communication and discuss differences of opinions openly until you've determined appropriate solutions. Spend a weekend afternoon together outside of the workplace, perhaps in the park, and make the activities and exercises fun and memorable. Take photos during the event and hang them on a break room bulletin board to promote positive memories once everyone has returned to the workplace environment.

Day Colors

Appropriate for players of all ages, Day Colors is an engaging ice breaker activity intended to get people communicating and sharing various viewpoints freely without concern for negative judgment or rejection of ideas. The point of this exercise is for participants to realize and understand that different people view the same ideas, concepts, behaviors and expectations differently. Begin play by instructing everyone to close their eyes, imagine the days of the week and then associate a color with each day. Open eyes and write down colors. Have all players reveal their beliefs and why they attached a color to a day, and then hold a group discussion focusing on differences of opinion.

Healthy Work Environment

Promote a healthy work environment by giving employees the tools to know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate language, behavior and interpersonal touching in the workplace. To engage in this activity, break the group up into teams of six to nine people. One person initiates each round of play from the front of the room using a partner as an example of proper behavior. Begin with a light and easy option, such as the right way to greet someone, and then move on to right-minded touching, such as a handshake or polite hug. Hold discussions after each interaction and encourage teams to address the pros and cons of each interaction.

Race Car Frivolity

Get co-workers and company colleagues talking and networking with a fun, physical activity that allows them to build something together. Break up into groups of three to four people and inform all teams that they're required to build a race car to be powered by human energy and feet in an outdoor competition following completion of the vehicles. Provide PVC piping, duct tape, wheels, nuts, screws and tools. Encourage teams to think creatively and consider the weight of their passenger. A steering wheel is helpful, although the individual pushing from behind can also be responsible for steering. Participants practice communication and decision-making skills while doing this task.

Meet the Pros

Play Meet the Pros with large groups, smaller teams pitted against one another or one-on-one in pairs. Hand out one sheet of factual company information to each group. Appropriate information includes company executives and mission statement points. Next, direct every player's attention to a focal point in the room. Inform players that they are playing trivia challenge with a company twist, and are to use the dispensed fact sheets to find their answers. Use a large screen and projector to show each question's image or phrase. The first team to shout out a correct answer in each round earns a point, and the group with the most points wins the entire game.